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4 Summer Skin Tips

Topics: Products, Skin Care, Sun Protection


A lot of patients ask if they should take a “summer break” from their skincare routine due to the increased sun exposure from outdoor activities. While this is a great time to break from a lot of your habits, skin care is not one of them. Read our 4 summer skin tips to keep your skin looking its best this summer.

  1. Retinoid Use
    • Not using Retinoid during the summer is one of the biggest myths out there. While the actual ingredient of a retinoid is sensitive to the sun, it doesn’t cause your skin to be sensitive any more than if you were exfoliating regularly. Retinoids are intended to be used at night and fully absorbed by morning.
    • Summer is actually a great time to start a retinoid! With all the humidity that comes with summer months, your skin is actually less likely to dry out as it adjusts to the ingredients in a retinoid product.

  2. Pigmentation & Summer Skin Care
    • Those with pigmentation issues (sun damage, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) should continue with their routine since these skin issues are more likely to flare up during hot/sunny months. If you haven’t already tried the NuDerm product line by Obagi this is something to check out!

  3. Sunscreen,Sunscreen, Sunscreen!
    • The sun is at its hottest between 10am – 2pm. If you are out during these hours, wear a hat and apply sunscreen. Be sure to reapply your sunscreen after sweating, swimming or every 2 hours when outdoors. Also – don’t wait until you are already outside to apply, try to apply 30 minutes before.

  4. Rays & Wrinkles
    • While ultraviolet ray B (UVB, the burning ray) increases during the summer, UVA (the aging ray) remains constant all year.  Therefore it is imperative to use a daily, broad-spectrum sunscreen, tinted or untinted, daily. I recommend it even while driving or working under fluorescent lights, as these are sources of ultraviolet light exposure that most patients do not realize.