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Get Rid of Dry, Cracked Lips

Topics: Skin Care


Cracked, dry lips can be caused by a variety of conditions and can be both unsightly and painful. While lips are skin, unlike most of your skin, the lips do not produce natural oils to protect and hydrate. If you suffer from dry or cracked lips, we can help you understand and correct the problem!  

  • Dry lips are usually identified by the following symptoms:
  • Frequent lip licking
  • Peeling of the lips (flaky skin)
  • Cracks or bleeding 
  • Sensitivity/Pain

There are many causes of cracked and dry lips to consider when trying to find the cause of your problem. 

  • Dehydration is the leading cause of most dry or cracked lips. If your body does not have enough water, it will be seen in areas like your lips first.
  • Climate change or extreme weather can cause your lips to dry out (cold weather/ wind exposure) or become dehydrated (hot weather).
  • Sun exposure can cause damage to your lips just as it can to any other area of your body. You can have tanned lips, and they hurt!
  • Smoking or chewing and any other activity that is regularly put in contact with your lips can affect their condition.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can also play a role, certain vitamins are critical to maintaining healthy skin and lips, including Vitamins A, B, C, B2, and E.
  • Allergic reactions to cosmetics and skin care products can also cause dry skin on the face and mouth. Certain medications also may cause dry or cracked skin as a side effect.

Try some of the following to correct and repair dry, cracked lips:  

  • Do not lick your lips.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. 6-8 glasses of water daily is ideal.
  • Apply an unflavored gloss or balm, petroleum jelly, aloe vera or Vitamin E ointment to soothe dry lips.
  • Protect your lips from the skin as you would the rest of your skin. Several balms now contain SPF protection!
  • Use a humidifier in your home or office.
  • Increase the amount of needed vitamins in your diet by eating better or taking supplements.

If none of the above seems to be the cause of your dry, cracked lips it can also be a symptom of a more serious problem. Immediately consult a doctor if you suspect a more serious condition. Always consult a doctor when diagnosing any medical condition, especially if it does not clear up in a reasonable time under home treatment.