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Keeping Up With Your Skin Care Needs

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My patients often ask me if it would be helpful to change up their skin care routine from time to time. They wonder whether their skin gets used to products after a certain amount of time, making those products less effective, and whether they could benefit from giving their skin something new.

If your skin concerns are changing, then it’s time to change your skin care routine. Like the rest of our bodies, our skin is constantly evolving. It’s different in our 40s then it was in our 20s. Rashes, oiliness, or acne can start to appear at any age, even if your skin was previously normal, smooth, and problem-free. As their skin matures, many patients complain of breakouts they never had before.

While your skin can build up a tolerance to certain ingredients (e.g., hydroquinone, retinols, and acids), there are steps you can take to increase the percentage and efficacy of products over time. However, I do find it beneficial to alter your routine a few times a year depending on your particular needs, and I often make recommendations for certain ingredients or products based on the season.

I personally like to change up two or three products in my skin care routine during the summer and winter months. In the summer months, my skin becomes oilier and dehydrated, and I cannot be as aggressive with pigmentation issues. My skin is a bit drier in the winter months, so I can use a heavier anti-aging cream and a stronger skin-lightening agent during this time.

If you are getting the results you need from a particular product, then stick with it. If you have problems or concerns with your skin, however, make sure you are using products that specifically address your skin’s needs. Schedule a complimentary consultation with your skin care professional or licensed esthetician at Belleza Skin Care Institute to make sure you are getting the most out of your beautiful face.