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Laser Hair Removal

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Do you suffer from red bumps, ingrown hairs or have trouble remembering to shave? Laser hair removal may be a great option for you. Laser hair removal can take several months for best results, so if you would like to be care-free of hair by next summer, now is the time to get started.  

Laser hair removal is a long term hair reduction of light brown to black hair. The lasers used in this treatment are designed to target pigment; so unfortunately, this treatment does not work on blonde, grey, white and sometimes red hair. The darker & coarser the hair, the faster & more favorable your results will be. Laser hair reduction treatments generally require a series of 6-10 treatments, depending on the skin type & hair type. Once the series is complete, most patients will experience a 75%-95% reduction in hair growth. The hairs that remain are generally very light in color and texture.  

Before your treatment, you will need to avoid sun exposure, as tan skin cannot be treated. You should not wax or tweeze the area for 3-4 weeks prior to the treatment, although shaving is permitted. Prior to the treatment, the area being treated should be shaved. Typically the night before or morning of works best.   

A common question patients always ask is, is the treatment painful? The treatment is not pain free, but is manageable. Most patients will describe it as a hot rubber band snap sensation. The area treated often can be red and may even be slightly swollen immediately after the treatment. For most patients this is something that dissipates with in a few hours.  

Over the next 1-2 weeks following your treatment, the hair will continue to grow and begin to fall out. For most patients, after the 1st treatment they notice their hair is growing back much slower. After the 2nd and 3rd treatments, most patients report gaps and patches where the hair is no longer growing back. This is a long term hair reduction treatment option. The laser is treating the hair follicles that are currently present; it does not prevent new follicles from developing, which can happen with hormonal changes. Because of this, it is not unheard of to have “touch up” treatment here and there after you have completed the treatment series.  

Call Belleza today for a consult and test spot to get started on your way to a hair-free summer next year!