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Prom is Right Around the Corner!

Topics: Services, Skin Care


You got your date, dress, appointments for hair, makeup and nails but what about your skin! Now is the perfect time to get your skin in shape for your special day!

Tip #1

Get your skin in shape with a skin care routine: It is very important that you are washing your face morning and night ensuring your skin is free of any possible situations that can cause unwanted breakouts. We offer complimentary consultations at Belleza. Stop in and our talented estheticians can create a skin care routine designed for you.

Tip #2

A healthier way to get glowing skin for prom is a custom airbrush Fantasy Tan®. Tanning beds increase your risk of melanoma by 75% and age your skin significantly. You should have a tan done twice before prom. The first tan will allow you to test out the tan and determine the exact color you are seeking. The second tan should be done two days before prom.

Tip# 3

If congested or acne prone skin is an issue for you, a SilkPeel or Hydrafacial treatment is recommended one week before your prom. This treatment will exfoliate the skin while delivering a topical serum to help combat those problem issues with your skin. You will have no downtime with this treatment leaving your skin looking radiant!

Tip# 4

If you have had waxing or threading done in the past it is recommended to have those treatments done 4-7 days prior to your big event.

Here is a break down of your Prom Skin Care Workout:

2-4 Weeks before:

• Get on a designed skin care product routine

• Have your first Fantasy Tan® to make sure you find the perfect natural color

1 Week Before:

• Clear up your skin with a SilkPeel/Hydrafacial treatment

• Waxing or threading

2 Days before:

• Final Fantasy Tan®

Prom Day:

• Wow your date and your friends with a flawless look!  

Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation today and let us help find the perfect product and treatment plan for you.