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Retinol - Why Use It

Topics: Anti-Aging, Skin Care


Retinol is the go-to skin care ingredient that can lead to a younger, healthier complexion by boosting collagen and increasing new cell turnover. This can improve discoloration, even out skin texture and obliterate breakouts. Quite literally, it can turn back the hands of time.  

Retinol rejuvenates the skin by increasing hyaluronic acid and new cell production. This exfoliating process is essential for youthful, healthy skin. Your complexion looks smoother and skin care products are able to work more effectively.  

While retinol works to reduce signs of photo-aging it also treats acne prone and problematic skin. The exfoliating properties of retinol can help unclog pores and aid in managing breakouts.    

As Retinol exfoliates it can cause irritation. Skin can appear dry, red, and flaky and be more sensitive. To control these adverse side effects, Retinol should be used in the evening only. It should be applied every third night for a week and then every other night. Eventually nightly use is achieved.    

By slowly acclimating skin to Retinols, irritation can be avoided. Belleza Skin Care retails Retinol Smoothing Serums that come in staged formulations of 3x, 5x and 10x with green tea to help ease patients into a retinol regime without the worry of side affects. Retinol should be paired with an anti-aging moisturizer like Neocutis Biocream and a daily antioxidant like Glytone Red Tea Serum or SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF.   

Retinols are your second best anti-aging skin care product; number one is sunscreen. Without an effective sunscreen like SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion or Revision Intellishade 45 the regenerative properties of Retinols and antioxidants can be undone by the sun.   

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