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The Importance of Human Growth Factors in Skin Care

Topics: Skin Care


As the years go by, our skins ability to repair itself slows down significantly. We also start to lose collagen (your skin’s main structural protein) quicker than we are able to create it. This causes our skin to lose volume. To help combat this process, we need to help our bodies maintain its repairing and replenishing cycle. Just as we help our slowing metabolism by exercising and eating right, our skin needs extra help too! 

We can achieve this for our skin by adding Human Growth Factors (HGF) to our daily skincare regimen. Growth factors are human proteins that regulate cellular growth and collagen production. They also stimulate tissue repair and are often used for promoting the formation of collagen and strengthening of elastin fibers which reinforce the underlying structure of our skin.

Products that contain HGF proteins will stimulate our collagen production faster than our bodies can create it. In doing so, these HGF proteins can slow down the aging process by restoring collagen and bringing back that youthful glow. Using a reputable physician dispensed product containing Human Growth Factors lets us stay ahead of the aging process. These products will create an overall healthier skin appearance by softening fine lines and wrinkles, restoring lost volume, and providing a smoother tone and texture to your skin.