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Want Clearer Skin? Try Acleara!

Topics: Acne, Services


Acleara is an acne clearing treatment that has helped thousands of patients regain their self-esteem and is great for anyone who has mild to moderate acne (comedonal to pustular acne).   

It uses a broadband light with suction which destroys P. acne and reduces sebum production through photodynamic action. The vacuum cleans the pores by pulling up the debris including oil and environmental buildup. The filtered broadband light heats the sebaceous glands and activates the destruction of the bacteria that causes acne. 

Acleara treatments typically last 30-45 minutes and can be scheduled every 12-14 days. On average, a series of 6-12 treatments are needed for patients to see optimal results. Each individual result varies with the degree of acne the patient has. Visible improvements are typically seen within the first 3 treatments. 

Acleara has been seen to work well in conjunction with topical & oral acne medication. Acleara treatments are also very effective when done conjointly with salicylic acid peels and microdermabrasion treatments.

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