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What Does A Chemical Peel Do?

Topics: Skin Care


Chemical peels help stimulate the skin which allows new skin cells to form at a faster rate. This process thickens the healthy, underlying structure of the skin and minimizes the dead, dried skin on the surface. Depending on the strength of the chemical peel, your collagen synthesis can be stimulated for a firmer, smoother appearance. 

If you like gentle exfoliations, you may opt for a hydrating chemical peel. If you feel like you need a more progressive change, you will often need a stronger peel. However, a stronger peel does not necessarily cause redness or pain; depending on the chemicals used, they can cause fluffy dry skin to slough off of the surface after the treatment.   

Depending on your needs, you may choose to have a chemical peel quarterly throughout the year to maintain healthy skin tissue. If you feel that your skin needs substantial change, we will often recommend 3-6 peels in a shorter period of time, followed by a quarterly maintenance treatment. As with any skincare treatment, home care products like sunscreen and Restin-A can help maintain your results between visits. The peels we use at Belleza Skin Care Institute offer a wide range of options with impeccable results that can be tailored to your individual needs. 

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