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What to Expect During Your Consultation with an Esthetician

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Understanding skincare can be overwhelming for many.   With social media, magazine ads and skincare blogs, we are constantly presented with images of skincare products.   These days, even our friends are selling various skincare products on social media or at private parties. How do you decide which product or skincare line really works and what will be best for you?  After all, skin care is not “one size fits all”.  The job of an Esthetician is to be highly knowledgeable and to provide you with proper guidance during a consultation! 

What to expect during your consultation with an Esthetician? The key to every consult is an honest conversation with your Esthetician.  Your questions, and answers to your Esthetician’s questions, allow the Esthetician to develop a treatment plan that will be most effective in delivering the best possible results. A treatment plan gives you options and informs you of what treatments/products are available and the necessary steps to achieve optimal results.  Take the time to discuss these options and plans with your Esthetician so that you choose the right plan for your needs and goals. Once you begin your skincare plan, allow time for your skin to become stronger and your confidence in your Esthetician to grow.   A true Esthetician will create the right plan for you and your skin, for the long term results you desire.

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