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Bio-Gel Bio-Restorative Hydrogel with PSP

Soften fine lines, plump the skin, and create a silky skin texture with NeoCutis BIO-GEL Bio-Restorative Hydrogel. This amazing gel is formulated with PSPĀ®, the most complete protein blend of Human Growth Factors, Cytokines and Interleukins available to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate and soothe skin. Hyaluronate is essential to beautiful skin by hydrating and preventing moisture loss while absorbing completely to leave a beautiful matte finish to your skin. It contains no fragrances, no color additives, no alcohol and no oil. This clear formulation goes on smooth and leaves skin feeling silky, hydrated and radiant.


  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture and tone to restore luminosity
  • Oil-free hydrogel texture is ideal for men
  • Nurtures, nourishes and refreshed stressed skin after non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as fillers, micro-dermabrasion and light peels


Use once or twice daily or follow the recommendations of your skin professional. Store at room temperature and do not expose to direct sunlight.


  • Combination Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Anti-Aging
  • Fine Lines
  • Acne