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Laser Services

Fraxel® 1927 Laser Resurfacing

The Fraxel®1927 treatment uses fractional laser technology to target aging, sun damaged, or hyperpigmented skin (sun spots and melasma). Microscopic laser light penetrates superficial layers of the skin while leaving the surrounding tissue untouched and is safe for treatments of the face and body. This process stimulates your body’s own natural healing process and generates new collagen. Old and damaged skin cells are replaced with fresh, healthy skin.

Only the Fraxel 1927 has been heralded by experts in the field of aesthetic lasers as being “color blind” when used to eliminate brown spots and stains in even the darkest skin tones. This means the perfect marriage between safety and results for our patients from all ethnic backgrounds!

The specific number of treatments needed and the longevity of the results is varied and based upon the individual patient, desired results, skin condition and lifestyle.

You may experience redness or swelling after the procedure which diminishes quickly over the next several days. Your skin will naturally bronze over the first few days and will start to flake and exfoliate, revealing fresher, healthier looking skin by day seven!

Talk with one of our skin care professionals or providers today to find out if the Fraxel® 1927 laser is right for you!


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  • Age Spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Improvement of Skin Tone
  • Melasma

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